Master the Fundamentals of CSS

This course will lay a solid foundation so that you can quickly and confidently style your web pages. No longer will you need to blindly try a hundred different things in CSS to see if they'll work. Instead you'll understand how CSS works and confidently know just what to do.

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    Lauralee Flores

    I've been designing and creating those designs on the web for the past 10+ years. I love it! And it's my goal to help you fall in love with CSS too.

    Why should you learn this stuff?

    You know all that stuff about a house being built on a strong foundation? Yeah, it's a good idea. Also, after you understand these fundamental concepts you will no longer scratch your head at why your CSS isn't working.

    Yep, no more fighting with your CSS or feeling like it is some dark black box that is just messing with you. Instead, I think you'll come to love it like I do! From here you can jump into really learning more advanced CSS topics.

    What kind of stuff will you learn?

    In this course you'll learn:

    • Introduction to CSS
    • CSS Selectors Fundamentals
    • Style Cascading and Inheritance
    • Box Model
    • Layout Fundamentals
    • Sizing
    • Colors
    • Fonts & Typography
    • Animation Fundamentals
    • Responsive Styles
    • Browser Support
    • Debugging CSS Issues